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Sponsorship Program

JassyUSA created the Sponsorship Program to express our sincere appreciation to our rhythmic gymnasts for their personal commitment, dedication, and performance. Therefore JassyUSA is proud to support our gymnasts of today and the future.

What is a Sponsorship?

The fact of the matter is that sponsorship is similar to a job. You “work” for your sponsor and it is your “job” to promote them whenever and wherever you can. You, in turn, are paid in whatever compensation arrangements you have established with your sponsor, such as free Apparel, Accessories, Apparatus, Toe Shoes, Etc.

Once you are sponsored, you need to support that sponsor and mention them whenever you can, be it in any media coverage right down to even facebook or blog updates. Keep your sponsors in the loop with what is happening with you, your results and achievements, and let them know how you have promoted them.

There is nothing more frustrating to a sponsor having an athlete that does not work or promote them. If the sponsor feels that you have failed to complete or accomplish what is your job, then the sponsor has the right to terminate your employment. You need to follow through on your promises and obligations to your sponsor.

When and Wear Do we Choose our Sponsored Athletes:

Each year JassyUSA participates at one of USA Gymnastics events (US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO or at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex HP pavilion in Lake Buena Vista, FL) by donating gifts to all participating athletes and announces its years sponsored athlete.

What We Look For Sponsoring an Athlete:

You don't need to be a world-class athlete to be sponsored by JassyUSA. We're looking to sponsor good quality athletes who are GREAT ambassadors in rhythmic gymnastics, who successfully represent and promote Jassy products through personal referrals and retail encouragement, not just performing results.


  • We're looking to sponsor athletes that have a passion for our products with extensive personal experience and results using them.

  • Must be either a Senior or Junior USA National Team Member (which shows us your personal commitment, dedication, hard work and achievement as a top athlete).

  • You must utilize Jassy brand while training and competing.

  • You must use and endorse only Jassy brand products and not that of any opposition companies

The Term of Sponsorship:

Once an athlete is sponsored, the sponsorship will continue throughout the athletes’ participation in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

**Please note: Sponsored athletes should not take advantage of the generosity of JassyUSA's Sponsorship Program by requesting products for other individuals.

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