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Due to a high volume of sponsorship requests from our rhythmic gymnastics community we have created the following JassyUSA Social Media Advertising (SMA) Program.

By helping us promote JassyUSA on your social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., you will be able to earn points and redeem your credits towards Jassy products.

Simply promote the Jassy brand by posting and tagging ad/creations to JassyUSA social media sites to earn points redeemable for Jassy products.

Each point will have a value of a dollar and you will receive 2 points for each posting.

Requirements and terms of Participation:

1) Each posting/ad depicting a Jassy product MUST be tagged to JassyUSA social media sites in order to earn points redeemable for Jassy products.
2) Each participant MUST have at least 1000 followers on each separate social site that they choose to upload the above-mentioned post/ad on. (It CANNOT be a combined number of 1000)
3) Each participant can only upload TWO posts/ads a day, maximum 15 posts/ads per month.
4) Participants CANNOT redeem cash value for the accumulated points.
5) JassyUSA has the right to terminate SMA program agreement without any reason by giving a 30-day advanced notice. However, any points accumulated prior to cancelation are still redeemable.

Please feel in the form below to register. Ones you've been approved you will receive an email confirmation along with a link where you will be able to view, track, and redeem your accumulated points.


Thank you for your willingness to participate in our JassyUSA SMA program and your continued support of Jassy brand products.

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