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About Us

JassyUSA was developed with the Rhythmic Athlete's needs at top of mind. We understand the gymnast's needs – protection, comfort, durability, performance, and style. We understand that for every pivot, jump, toss, and combination, there is a science behind the body movement and friction from the carpet. JassyUSA was born from a need in the market for an all-encompassing toe shoe. One that is able to deliver protection, comfort, durability, performance, and style. JassyUSA has an on-going commitment to excellence and understands that the sport is about the perfect balance between performance and science. Designed by a gymnast and coach for over 40 years, and supported by the study of body movement and friction, our goal is to support and enhance the highest level of sportsmanship. Manufactured in the USA using only the best-hand picked and eco-friendly materials, we test for durability and performance. The soft, durable and effective materials are stitched to perfection in the most streamlined manner possible, resulting in a “seamless” feel and superb fit. A soft thin elastic binding keeps the shoe in place without pinching or discomfort, perfectly molding the foot. The shoes are extra soft to the touch and wear like no other. Not only does JassyUSA toe shoe stand up to the wear and tear, like no other product it actually stays looking new and elegant longer. At JassyUSA we know our athletes need not only a high-quality product but also a high level of service. For that reason, we strive to provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price and work to fulfill the demands of our athletes with every interaction being a positive and memorable one. Having our toes shoes worn by rhythmic gymnasts from around the world gives us great pride. Our commitment to excellence is our promise.

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